Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we offer a series of questions and answers about our daily practice in consumer credit. To the extent that the contracts we propose are subject to French law, we answer these frequently asked questions on the basis of French legislation.

For further information on the Luxembourg Consumer Credit law, we refer you to our Newssection. If the information you have not helped, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Top 5 Most Popular questions :

My credit in general

What is a consumer credit

Consumer credit is a credit agreement between a consumer (private person) and a banking organization, where applicable, a credit intermediary, under which the consumer regulates the costs by instalment payments.

What are the conditions for purchasing a credit??

You must be an adult (18 years old), reside in France or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, receive a regular remuneration and not be a resident of the National Bank of France.

Are there other criteria that are considered for the granting of credit?

Every situation is unique. Other criteria such as your ability to repay, the seniority of your job, a former privacy, or your family situation may be considered.

What are the supporting documents to be provided to obtain a credit?

You must provide a valid identification document (ID card, passport, residence attestation) as well as your last three salary slips and corresponding bank statements.

Do other supporting documents have to be produced to qualify for credit?

In some cases, you may be required to file a residency certificate or your lease agreement or your contract of employment or your real estate account or your divorce agreement or your deed of purchase or your last warning-excerpt from role.

What are the revenues to be reported as part of a credit application?

This is the net professional income from taxes. Family allowances and alimony are incomes that are generally not taken into account.

I am an owner, can I borrow more easily?

It is obvious that owning and having already repaid a mortgage is a credit guarantee, but if that same owner is credited for other consumer credits, it will be refused. So it's all about the case.

What happens if I produce fake documents?

If the credit institution makes a complaint against you and the criminal offence is established, it is an offence liable to be punished by a term of imprisonment and/or a fine. Without prejudice to the damages that the credit institution may claim.

What is the maximum amount of a consumer credit?

In order to be considered a credit for consumption from the point of view of French legislation, the loan contract must cover an amount in a tranche ranging from €2,500 to €75,000.

What is the maximum time to repay a consumer credit?

The maximum time to repay a consumer credit is 120 months.

Can I get a simulation of my credit?

Yes, Orevasecour has made available to you exemplary tables to allow you to simulate your credit. As one of Orevasecour's ethical principles is transparency, you can contact a consultant directly to get a more accurate simulation.

How do I get the definition of a technical word used in my credit agreement?

We have made available to our clientele a lexicon allowing you to better understand the relevance of certain legal terms related to credit.

Can I make a credit with a bail?

It is possible to make a credit with a co-borrower. The latter is the one who subscribes to the contract with the principal borrower and who will be held jointly in the event of non-payment of the debt. It may be the spouse, the cohabitant, a family member or a friend.

What is the cost of a credit?

The cost of a credit includes borrowed capital and interest. In case of early repayment, an indemnity of RE is not to be excluded.

Do I have to take out outstanding balance insurance?

The remaining balance insurance is never obligatory but as the case may be, we can suggest it to our customers. It is an undeniable benefit in the event of death or inability to work.

I am of Luxembourg nationality, can I get a credit in France?

Yes, we grant loans to French residents.

I am a French citizen, can I get a credit in France?

Yes, if you are a French resident you can get a credit in France.

I am retired, can I purchase a credit?

Yes, pension income gives you the right to credit. You will still have to take into account your ability to repay at the time of the credit application.

I am unemployed, can I buy a credit?

No, unemployment benefits do not allow you to borrow. However, if you have a solvent and active co-borrower, you can purchase the credit with it.

I am sensing disability benefits, can I borrow?

Yes, some disability benefits will open you the right to credit. A guarantor may be necessary if necessary.

I just created my start-up, can I get a loan?

Yes, we also offer credit solutions for the self-employed.

Can I make a credit if I am overindebted?

No, any request for credit from private individuals flagged to the National Bank of France will be systematically refused.

is the interest rate (APR) fixed or variable?

At Oreva Secour, we only practice fixed rates.

My Projects

What credit do I have to choose?

The credit you will be advised is the one that will best suit your financial situation and your ability to repay. There are several types of credit at Oreva Secour: Loan for all motives, auto credit, work credit, credit grouping. For more information, see our products.

Can I make a loan without proof of purchase?

Yes, the loan for all reasons allows you to buy a credit without having to justify the destination of your purchase. This will be the case if you want to go around the world, pay unforeseen bills, finance studies or even take advantage of the balances.

What is a credit pool?

The grouping of credits is a formula that allows several existing loans (capital, duration and different interest rates) to be grouped into one credit. The new credit is characterized by a more advantageous rate, longer duration and reduced monthly payments.

Under what conditions can I get a grouping of credits?

The same conditions as for an ordinary credit. However, you will also be asked to provide the balance of the credits to be redeemed as well as proof of these other contracts/credit openings.

My Credit Application

How do I make a credit application?

You have three options, either via the Internet through our request an online creditform. or by phone with one of our advisors. Either directly in the agency by appointment.

How do I track the progress of my credit application?

You can reach our advisors by phone or by e-mail 7d/7 and 24h/24.

How soon will I get an answer to my credit application?

We will contact you by phone within 5 minutes to contact you if it is an agreement or a refusal.

If you refuse, can I apply for a credit later?

Yes, depending on the grounds for refusal, you may re-apply as soon as these reasons are resorbed.

If you agree, how long do I have to wait to make a new credit?

Generally, the deadline is six months to apply for a new credit after a favorable decision.

When will my money be available?

If the file is accepted, the funds are cashed into your bank account within 48 hours of the credit application.

Do I have to open a new bank account to get a credit?

No, the funds are paid to the bank account of your choice that you communicate to Orevasecour.

When do I have to pay my first monthly payment?

The first instalment will be collected one month after the conclusion of your credit agreement.

How do I pay my monthly payments?

Payment of monthly payments is made by direct debit or by permanent order.

Can I repay my advance credit?

Yes, you can repay your credit partially or totally in advance with the payment of an indemnity of re.

My credit agreement and my personal situation

How do I sign the credit agreement?

Our advisors are here to assist you and to enlighten you on all the fields of the credit agreement that must be signed.

Who has to sign the credit agreement?

The borrower and the co-borrower (s). If you are married, your spouse will always have to sign the contract with you.

Will I receive a copy of my credit agreement?

Yes, the credit agreement is written in as many copies as there are parts. We put a free copy of the contract at your disposal.

Will I receive a damping table?

Yes, it will be attached to your credit agreement to allow you to strictly follow the reimbursement of your monthly payments.

What is the assignment of remuneration?

This is a kind of payday seizure that the lender will activate with your employer if you do not pay your credit on a regular basis.

Can I give up my credit contract?

Yes, the law allows you to waive the credit agreement within 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the credit agreement.

Is my data protected?

Yes, all the information you have communicated to us is subject to banking secrecy and the Privacy Act with regard to the processing of personal data.

What should I do if I encounter temporary difficulties?

We prefer communication, contact our front line Legal service that will assist you and find with you the best alternative.

What is the consequence if I do not repay my credit?

A delay of 2 monthly payments leads to a denunciation of your credit and a privacy to the central of the credit to the individuals of the National Bank of France.

What is the consequence of a privacy at the National Bank of France?

You become banned from banking, it is no longer possible to buy any credit. Once you have paid back your monthly payments, you will still remain on the record for a period of one year, which still does not open the right to credit.

Can I be in France if I am a foreign national?

Yes, there exists within the National Bank of France the file of non-governed registrations which takes over all the individuals of foreign origin who are in default of payment for a contract of credit subscribed in France.

Who should I contact if there is a change of coordinates?

You can communicate any change of address, job status or marital status to your Orevasecour broker by phone or e-mail.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

You can contact our customer service by phone or by e-mail 7d/7 and 24h/24.

Can I follow the news of Orevasecour on social networks?

Yes, we are present without moderation on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.