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A Qualified customer service

At Oreva Secour, Customer service is highly qualified. You will benefit from advice.

Fast Service

Let us have your desires, we will give you a quick answer, within 24h maximum!


Our loan offers between particular are transparent with conditions without protocol even if you are in the bank.

Secure Data

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data. Expose your projects without fear.

Flexible offers

You can choose your preferred monthly payment, increase the amount of Your payment at any time or make advance payments at no charge.

Get your credit

After registering the loan act we have 48 hours to credit the customer's account.

Personal loan

Do you need a consumer credit to carry out personal projects or for cash needs? Oreva Secour is the ideal solution. The personal loan at Oreva Secour is a short-or medium-term loan for up to 84 months to finance the purchase of consumer goods or equipment.


Lease or leasing, is a leasing system by which a customer rents a property. However, it has a purchase option at the end of the agreed period. Obtain a lease, at Oreva Secour, up to 250 000 €.


Our investments or special loans allow you to carry out your big projects and to finance your businesses. Borrow millions of euros for a very large payback period at a rate appropriate to your business plan. We are an ideal partner for your business. Send us your projects.

Credit redemption

This solution consists of substituting one or more existing appropriations by a single credit, at a suitable rate at Oreva Secour. But depreciable over a longer period of time in line with the borrower's income. Individuals can try to find a viable solution to their over-indebtedness.

Real Estate Loan

The real estate loan is a loan to finance totally or partially the acquisition of real estate, the construction of real estate or the renovation on real property. If you need a credit for acquiring a building or land, Oreva Secour is the solution. With Oreva Secour, borrow up to 2 000 000 €.

Consumer Credit

Consumer credit is the category of credit granted to individuals by our structure to finance the purchase of goods and services, large expenditure on equipment (automobiles, furniture). Get a consumer credit, with us, up to 50 000 € at an average rate of 4% per year.

Travel Credit

Want to go on vacation or take a few days, feet in the sand of Hawaii? Why do you hesitate again? Or just need a credit to finance a trip abroad? Make your request and we will accompany you

Wedding Credit

Wedding is a happy event that comes sometimes when you don't expect it. Bring us your wedding plan and we will help you make it happen by providing you with funding in the best time. Contact us without delay

Auto Credit

Want to offer a new car but you lack funding? Trust us. We will make your desire, a dossier and its realization a reality within 24h.

Other services

Immediate credit get credit immediately

Instant credit need a credit immediately to meet your immediate money needs and allow you to complete all your projects immediately, with credit ready online, get a response in principle immediately.

Get immediate and free emergency credit

Urgent loan - urgent need for money

The urgent loan is tailored to your urgent money needs and will allow you to carry out your projects, apply for an urgent loan online and get an urgent answer, the urgent loan the loan solution that adapts and is defined according to the amount requested Your project may be different and should not be more expensive..., do your emergency loan simulation online, to get your loan application at a fixed rate and a well defined repayment period and suitable for buying a car from a motorhome or for Perform unforeseen repairs such as plumbing roofing or performing work, decorating, or simply settling overdue bills or still filling your urgent overdraft, or in the case of a divorce dealing with the need for money lending Urgent like the accumulation of debts in order to fill new projects an urgent loan redemption, receive an urgent answer with credit loan online Get your request urgent loan online simply!

Get a personalized offer for your emergency credit application

Credit and travel loan - leisure

Travel desire to escape to live your leisures thoroughly! You dream to offer an unforgettable cruise, to finance a stay hotel club for two or to prepare a trip abroad and to go with family, do not hesitate more credit loan online The partner of your desires is present at your side so that your projects of escape become reality. We offer you credit and loan solutions adapted to your leisure desires that will allow you to finance your travel and your leisure, ask online your personal loan simulation online travel adapted and without commitment on your part, for Benefit from financing at an attractive rate thanks to credit and loan travel-leisure and simulation of personal loan for travel and leisure to realize: The journey of your dreams, family leisure, a stay in club, go on a cruise, with credit ready in Line you will only have to offer yourself a holiday and go on a trip and live your leisure as an unforgettable moment with family or two.

Make your leisure credit application

Finance all your personal projects

Get a personal loan application online All about the various bank loans online personal loan solution with loan online credit to allow you to get a personal loan, real estate loan a complete loan solution for a Personalized financing or a relay loan for the purchase of a new real estate, ready for consumption or a personal loan, car loan, motorcycle, leisure travel or mortgage for your mortgage needs, personal loans are adapted to Each of your projects, perform work and decorating with a loan jobs, make a loan, simulate a loan, do an online simulation for your money lending needs and enjoy a suitable loan and at a good rate, fund all your personal projects with Loan Online Credit

Apply for a personal loan

Wedding Loan-Finance your wedding

Finance your wedding, apply for your tailored online loan and without commitment from you, to benefit from financing at an attractive rate through the buy wedding loan: The wedding dress of your dreams, the alliances, the caterer, the car rental, the Flowers, and carry out the organization of your ceremony with credit loan online

Apply for a Wedding/birth Credit